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Ways to Implement Termite Infestation

It has been recently found out that termite infestation causes a lot of economical burden. You might have tried out several ways to control these termites, but all in vain. And, the only option that you could think of is going for Termite Treatment in Perth. Here are few tips shared by the experts to deal with Termite Infestation:

Schedule the infestation:

Termite Treatment in Perth
Close up termites or white ant on damaged wood texture

Yes, if you have scheduled your termite infestation, it will give you better results in long run. Experts say that the house and the building owners must schedule the inspection twice a year.An annual inspection scheduling can be done for the warmer portions whereas bi-annual inspection is a must for cooler portions of the house. Warmer areas are more prone for breeding, hence it must be inspected twice.

Professional services: There are several Termite Treatment in Perth who provides the termite infestation services. The house owners must contact the professionals and make sure that their property is surveyed and investigated for termite infestation. If the building is at the construction stage, approach the Termite Treatment  service providers in Perth so that the soil can be examined.

Termite Activity:

The termite activities play a major role in eradicating termite infestation. The scientists have found out that the termites reproduce during the later summers and early springs. If the inspection is carried out by the termite service providers and is treated immediately, there are very few chances for the termites to spread.

Self monitoring:

You can also monitor your house every now and then to find out if there is any termite infestation at your place. There are several hints to be noticed if your place has termites. The Termite Treatment in Perth offers regular inspection  so that the termites can be controlled. They investigate the wooden edges, concrete slabs, ceiling materials and other areas of the buildings where termite infestation is possible. You can also ask for garden bed inspection which is a major cause for termites to spread.The surrounding vegetation must be inspected so that the formation of termite mound can be prevented.

Most of the times if the house is on rent, the tenants hardly notice the termites and do not maintain the house as it should be. Thus, the house owners must intervene in the matter and ensure that the professionals are asked to check the property every now and then. The initial cost to deal with termites at the beginning stage is very economical when compared to the termites at the last stage.You can from a checklist for the areas that has to ve surveyed for termite mounds. This will save a lot of time and effort.

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Common Steps That Would Take Care of Termites

Controlling Termites:  Termites are a serious issue in most parts of the world.  They tend to eat the wood and thus endanger structures and buildings.  A very tenacious group of insects, the termites are capable of making themselves a nuisance at all times.  But on the good side, termites also help dispose of old and rotting wood too.  Thus,  they help to keep our surrounding clean and tidy.  There are primarily three ways in which termites are controlled.termite treatment Perth

  • Chemical treatment: Not all termites are the same.  And each type of termite requires a different technique to bring them under control.  It is common in most of the termite infested regions to apply termite treatment Perth during the construction of buildings to help eradicate these pests.  Small holes are bored into the soil and chemical powders and liquids poured into the cavity.  This keeps away the termites for a good period of time.  When this process is applied to a building after its construction, the holes are placed around the structures and closely spaced too.
  • Baiting: In this method, small holes are dug into the soil and feed laced with chemicals placed in them.  On feeding on the bait, the termites would return to their nest taking with them the traces of the bait which would, in turn, be applied to the other inhabitants of the colony.  This is currently the preferred method of controlling and eliminating the termite colonies.  With just a little bit of the right chemical, it is possible to control a large colony of insects.
  • Fumigation: This requires the total isolation of the area infested with the termites.  A tent like structure that helps isolate the termite colony is set up initially.  The fumigant gas is then filled into the space cordoned off by the tent.  A slow process; this is best suited for infestations just below the soil and does not need much depth of application.  A variant of the fumigation process is the use of hot air or steam.

Thus it is observed that for the best results a method that takes not just the type of termite colony into account but also the physical layout of the colony nests is what brings about the best outcome.  The best possible method that keeps the insects under check is the best solution.

The Cost to Society:  As the issue of termite infestations is very complex, it is more prudent to count the economic costs that the insects bring up.  The need to control and eliminate the termites does bring about a direct cost to the buildings.  The consequences of a termite attack are more than the costs incurred in applying anti-termite processes.  Thus, most buildings at the start of their construction do apply termite control even if it is the very basic forms.  The bigger the building the higher is the cost required to prevent termite infestations.   There are a number of professional termite control companies that do a good job on any termite colony.  A search of the Yellow Pages would turn up numerous termite treatment Perth that would do justice to the job at hand.