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    Termites Pest Control Treatment in Perth

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    Dealing with the pests like termites

    Pests are those creatures which are responsible for creating a mess at your properties. They are an essential part of the earth but in a whole, their activities are very harmful to the humans. As per the pest’s families, there are limitless types of pests found nearby. Some of them may not create any harm but some have the capacity to ruin the important properties. This special category is topped by pests like termites. These organisms are tinier in nature but have the capacity to damage more than their size. In a collective mode pests like termites can eat up the whole wooden product without your notice.

    As per the diet of termites, they feed on the wood products and cellulose. This also includes the paper materials, pulp etc. Here, engaging with the services like the Termite Treatment Butler can save your souls. These service providers are professionals in their work and have the best tools to deal with pests like termites.

    What is a termite? Does it have further types?

    Termites or the white ants are a specified class of pests which eat starchy materials for their survival. They are mostly found in places where you have moisture. Basement is their favorite place to dwell in and the wooden items plus the books and important documents are their best meals. Other places like closets, furniture’s, tables, chairs etc are under the influence of the termite attack. Hiring the Termite control service Butler can be a wise decision for you all to manage the issues like termite pest infestation. There are more than hundreds of species of the pests like termites and they all have varied characteristics and eating habits. Some may have wings on their bodies but some crawl from one place to another.

    • Subterranean Termite
    • Dry Wood Termite
    • Damp Wood termite
    • Desert Termite
    • Formation Termite
    • Conehead Termite

    Commonly these pests are also named as wood destroyers of eaters. Despite called with different names, these creatures eat up the entire wood item by weakening their strength. They are slow attackers as you won’t see an immediate sign of their attack and slowly they will eat out every single wood article. But engaging with the Pest management service will teach you necessary tactics or home remedies to overcome these situations manually. These tactics are:

    Home tactics to eradicate these pests:

    Boric Acid:

    This acidic product is available commonly in every kitchen and is a natural pest terminator. Create a boric acid solution and apply the same to your wood items. This will surely avoid the pest entry in them.

    Sunlight exposure:

    Sunlight exposure is free of cost yet effective technique to get rid of these pests. High temperatures are not favorable for these pests and they get killed in such situations. Moreover, they will leave the wood and other important components.


    Termites are the deadliest pests for the human properties. They have special characteristics and eat up the whole wooden articles without human notice. Relying on the professional’s services like Termite Pest Control Butler can be a better solution to terminate the pests like termites.