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    Termites Pest Control Treatment in Perth

    Pests are a major problem in whole over Australia. Perth is one of the most affected areas that suffer from this problem. The problem of pests is so severe in Perth that you can find every type of pest in its surrounding suburbs including Huntingdale. That’s why Termites Treatment Huntingdale offers people their termite extermination services at reasonable prices. If you or anyone you know has been suffering from the curse of termites, then you could recommend them the professional termite control service. This will help them protect their family and home from the problems brought by termites.

    Appearance of termites

    Termites are little creatures that have the same size of a rice grain or even less. They pose striking resemblance to ants in bodily structure; just their color is white instead of black. That’s why they are sometimes referred to as “White Ants”.

    Habits of Termites

    As discussed previously that termites are similar to ants in terms of their bodily structure. But this isn’t the only similarity between the two. Like Ants, termites are social creatures that make colonies with their fellow termites. The colonies of termites are also comparable to those of ants, but in case of termites, they needlessly don’t require soil for their survival. Termites only need soil for moisture and if they find it in your home, they will even invade it. Most residential or commercial buildings provide the required moisture and humidity that termites need.

    Termites survive on the diet of cellulose that they get from sources like wood and plant remains. In nature, termites are really helpful in decaying and recycling these dead plants and trees. But while they are useful in nature, they can be deadly in human society. Since termites will eat every wood or cellulose source and your home is full of it, it’s like a banquet to termites. They can eat away the foundations of your home, rendering it unstable and in worst case scenario, pose critical danger to the safety of residents. Call Termite control service Huntingdale to prevent something like this happening with you and your loved ones.

    Signs of Termites Infestation

    Termites can like anywhere they find moisture, humidity, and wood, be it outside in nature or inside your house. Their life is a continuous hunt for food and they eat wood from a place until they can get their fill. Since they are small in size and their habits make them unnoticeable, people suffer extremely from their negligence. But there are some signs that can easily indicate the presence of termites in your home. These are –

    • Wood sounding hollow on knocking, meaning they are empty from the inside due to termite feeding on it.
    • Discarded wings of Alates termites that become the future king and queen of a termite colony can also indicate their presence.
    • Cracks in paint surface on wooden objects like doors or windows.
    • Wood colored droppings or excretions called frass after eating.

    All these signs are a firm indicator that termites have invaded your home. In these times, professionals like Termites pest control Huntingdale can help you get free from their curse. With the expert help from the termite’s pest control services, not a single termite will be left alive that will rot your house.