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    Termites Pest Control Treatment in Perth

    Pests are irritating creatures that are mainly known nuisance behavior. A large number of Australian populations are suffering from pest infestation. Pests are very harmful to human health and property loss such as agriculture and building damage. There is a need for proper pest infestation to keep such pests away from your home and office. In Australia, you will find various types of pests such as ants, bees, mosquitoes, cockroaches, termites, bedbugs, flies, and many others. There are lots of people are suffering from an infestation of termite. People are facing health problem, financial problem, and physical damage. In order to keep them away, the best option is to hire termite control services, Kingsley, to permanently keep them away from your premises.

    For a layman or non-professional, it is not an easy task to hire best pest control services without consulting an expert. If you are in quest of such termites pest control Kingsley then, your search is now finally over. You can hire such professional pest control services to completely get rid of them. The main reason behind hiring such pest control services is to keep them away from your home. They offer a wide range of service to its customers at residential, commercial, school, restaurants, and many other places. There are loads of reasons for hiring such pest control service provider.

    One of the main reasons for hiring pest control services is that they use eco-friendly chemicals that are best in class. All these chemicals used by them are safe for humans, especially for kids and pets. If you think you are under termite invasion then, try to call Termites Treatment Kingsley team. All these services offered by them are affordable in price that means it suits every pocket.

    Do it yourself termite treatment

    Hot treatment: It is not an easy task for termites to survive in the hot environment. Termites are very tiny and size and face problem in direct sunlight. If you are suffering from termite invasion then, you can place the object in direct sunlight. After couples of a minute, the termites are started die.

    Wet board treatment: This is another eco-friendly way to kill termites from your home. There is no need to hire professional to use this method. You can attract termites by presenting wet cardboard in front of termite. Once they infect the wet cupboard, you can burn the table to kill them permanently.

    Parasitic Nematodes: Using parasitic Nematodes are another effective method to remove termites from your home. These are the tiny microorganisms that feed on other insects like Termites. Parasitic Nematodes are the natural predators of termites, which acts as a biological agent to kill termite colony.

    Using Botanical oils:  Natural oils like orange oil or neem oil can help remove termites effectively without using any chemical treatment method. Orange oil contains d-limonene that can kill termites when ingested. Similarly, neem oil, when applied to termite colony, has an ousting effect on termites which effectively kills them