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    Facts about Termite

    What are termites?

    Termites are more than 120 million years old specie of the world. These are also called as a “Silent Destroyer” because of their ability to eat the wood, wallpaper, flooring etc of the house. Every year, a huge property is damaged by termites that cost approx $5 billion which is not covered by insurance as well. By looking at a single termite, it doesn’t look dangerous but a whole colony of termites can cause serious damage to your home in a very short time. There are different types of termites in the world, they vary in sizes, shapes and species and they live in different types of places. Termites pest control Koongamia can help you with their professional method of destroying the termites from your home.

    What do they look like?

    Color: the Soft body with Pale color

    Wings: Reproductive has 2 pairs of prominent wings

    Size: In length, they range from ¼ to ½ an inch. King and queen can reach over 1 inch long.

    Termite warning signs:

    • Cracked or bubbling paint
    • Wood that sounds hollow
    • Mud tubes on wooden beams
    • Any swarm of winged insects from the soil around your home

    How are serious termites?

    The damage done by termites to your home can be disastrous. As we know they are called silent destroyers because they secretly hiding in your home or basement without any immediate signs of any damage. They live on cellulose-based plant material that can be obtained by them everywhere. You can contact Termites Treatment Koongamia if you want to get rid of termites professionally.

    How Termites enter your home?

    Termites usually come in a yard to a foundation of the house and they search any crack or gap in your house to enter. Any type of crack or gap can give them access to enter in your house. Check out the below things from where the termites can come:

    • Stacks of firewood on the roof
    • Any wooden structure or furniture that is in direct contact with the ground
    • Gutters, damp soil, downspouts etc.
    • Plants or trees planted near the house.
    • Places with moisture

    How to control termites?

    • Store firewood and lumber away from your home
    • Keep all the plants well maintained
    • Avoid excess of any wood or debris
    • Install appropriate size of screens on vents
    • Clean A/C units and repair all leaking points in your house

    What termites eat?

    Termites are feed on dead trees or plants. They get nutrition from cellulose which can be found in plant or a wood substance. The majority of the diets of termites come from wood and they also eat other things as well as plastic, drywall, paper etc. Most of the termites live on dead wood, however, others prefer to feed on living trees and plants.

    Termites can be a very big threat to your home, so contact Termite control service Koongamia if you want to destroy termites from a root that they cannot enter your home again in future.