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    Infestation of Termites

    Subterranean termites are one of the most serious pests which can be controlled by professionals only. The treatment of the termites can be a confusing job but there are many options available today to control the termites to enter your home. As we know termites cause billion dollars of damage every year, so we need to control them as soon as possible. To take help of professional pest controller you can contact Termites treatment Langford to get rid of termites permanently from your home.

    Termites not only damage the wood of your house but also damage or eat the books, insulation, papers, filter systems and even swimming pool liners. They can also damage the healthy living tree and plants as well. You should always inspect the termite first before buying any house or plot because these are silent destroyers and can damage your house to any extent.

    Infestation during March-May is more:

    During the spring season, a large number of winged termites enter your home and start making new colonies. When the temperature got warm and raining starts, these termites start flying into the air. The swarmers which are inside are incapable to eat wood and can be removed with a vacuum.  Winged termites emerging indoors are a sure sign that your building is infested.

    How to find if your property is infested?

    People often ask that how they can find if there is any termite in their houses. Termites can be differentiated by their uniform waist, wings of equal size and straight antenna. The swarmers can be seen around windows and doors as they are attracted to light. Termites can also emerge from woodpiles, tree stumps and many other things in your yard, If winged termites are seen at the base of the foundation of your home wall, patches or adjoining porches, then there must be a chance where your home is infested and require treatment from professional. So if you find any winged termite emerging in your home, you can contact Termite Control Service Langford, they will help you to remove the termite before any big damage. Some other signs of infestation are the mud tubes, sill plates, support piers etc. The earthen tubes can be used by termites as a shelter and they can travel underground between your home and their colonies. You can check if the pipes are broken then there must be small creamy white termites are present there.

    Damage done by any other insect or moisture to wood is not noticeable, but when the wood is damaged by termites then there should be tiny holes in wood, plaster and drywall. Torn or sunk traces behind the wall are also an indication of termite infestation.

    Termites damage the wooden structure of your house slowly, avoid taking days, months to take decision for the treatment of termite, Termites Pest control Langford team is there for you to help you with getting rid of termites. They will remove the termites either termites are starting emerging or already done a huge damage to your house, they will completely remove all the termites professionally.