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    Facts of Termite Treatment

    Basically, there are two types of termite treatments; one is liquids and other baits. This type of treatment can be used for excluding termites in the ground from the entering building. In this treatment, a liquid chemical is used which is a long is lasting chemical to prevent your house from termites in future as well. Termites cannot return to the soil once they enter the structure so they die off there. Termites treatment Lockridge has this service of liquid chemical if your house is damaged by termites or if you feel any existence of termite in your home then you can also contact them, They will come to check your home thoroughly and if they see any damage then they will fix it for you.

    The other type of termite treatment is baiting. The baiting treatment is like a trap for termites. It consists of cardboard, paper, food and any slow-acting substance deadly to termites. These are installed below ground of yard of your home. Termite Control Service Lockridge use cylindrical plastic stations for baiting and put all the food and paper in the cylinder. Sometimes it is also placed inside the mud tubes, termites eat and share food with their colony mates which results in a large decline in termite number. This treatment is used where termites are starting emerging and making colonies but in the case of large damage, the liquid chemical is used only.

    Should we do treatment on an entire house or on just damaged areas only?

    Subterranean termite colonies are contained of thousands of termites that can damage different areas of your house. The perimeter treatment of termites is done using a non-repellent chemical. This type of treatment includes the entire exterior wall of your house and high-risk interior areas. If you like to do this treatment then you should inquire that is it with the agreement in case termites return. It is like a gamble for a house owner to purchase any termite treatment option if he doesn’t know which company is better to control the termites.

     Age of treatment done:

    If you have done a liquid termiticides treatment then it will last for at least five years. The age of the treatment basically depends on environmental conditions and density of the termites in your area. If termites enter your house again within one or two years of the treatment then it is not because of bad chemical but it is because of any untreated gap in your house. So, whenever the treatment for termites is done always careful about any gaps and fills them also.

    The registered chemicals have no any type of hazard to humans, pets or air when applied in your house.

    The best key is to hire a reputable pest control firm like Termites Pest control Lock ridge which has the best team of professionals to control the termites from entering your home. They will also provide you the service of retreatment free of cost to keep maintain your house free from termites.