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    Type of Termites and their areas

    We all want to protect our home from different type of insects and the most dangerous insect is Termite. The termite can cause a huge damage to your house without your knowledge. It is a silent destroyer that can enter your home silently and can damage wooden structures, books, windows, papers etc of your house. So, if you want to protect your home from termites then you should know about the types of the termites and the how much damage they can do to your house.

    It is very helpful to know the various types of termites that exist nearby your home. There are thousands of species of the termites in the world. Not all type of termites are destructive to homes, the most dangerous termite will be discussed below. However, if you have any query regarding termites or if you find termites in your home then you can contact Termites Pest control Mahogany Creek, they are best in this industry to control the termites and provide you the best effective solution for your home.

    Subterranean Termites:

    Subterranean have at least six species including the eastern subterranean termite, light southeastern subterranean, western subterranean termites, arid land subterranean termite, dark southeastern subterranean and the desert subterranean termites. These termites have the ability to make large colonies and eat the wood very fast. These are the most destructive termites. The Formosan termites have a dark yellow brown body color and can be distinguished from many other subterranean termites and these are common in United States.

     Damp wood Termites:

    This type of termites is attracted to wood which has high moisture and they can be surviving without soil. They can enter to your house with the help of any leaking areas, wood piles and decaying wood. These termites have reddish brown heads and they are larger in size than other types of termites. The region of these termites is Idaho, Oregon, Washington etc. They basically need free water source that’s why they are not easily entering your home, however, if you suspect any termite in your home then the professional team of Termite Control Service Mahogany Creek can help you control them with termite treatment.

    Dry wood Termites:

    The dry wood termites receive their nutrition from wood and do not require soil to live like other type of termites. The treatment of these termites is very difficult as they can make number of colonies within your home and can return back. The region of this termite is Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas etc. They can even survive in cool temperature areas.  They only eat wood, frames, Furniture and flooring of your house to get nutrition.

    Termites are common in all areas, these termites exists mostly in every country. The best way to handle the different type of termites is to control them from entering your home. You should contact a professional termite controller management of Termites treatment Mahogany Creek if you want to create a plan to control the termites currently in your house or for the treatment to control the termites from entering your home in the future by sealing or filling the cracks and leaking points of your home.